Will your gulag be lucky enough to have a window?

World Economic Forum’s Latest Dream for Humanity

In the latest from the WEF (World Economic Forum) and Klaus Schwaub, have released the latest and greatest of their hollywood produced propaganda (paid for at the tax payers expense non-the-less). Now before you watch this highly produced commercial titled, “5 ways the pandemic COULD reshape our lives in the long-term,” I want to point out the very strategic messaging that came across to me from watching this video. Read my points below and then watch video, it’s just over 1 1/2 minutes long. I strongly urge that you do as this will be your future unless you stand up to this tyranny.

If you are lucky maybe you’ll have a window to peak out of 🙂
  1. Re-Imagining the Working Office: Being that this is something everyone has thought was just a common sense idea, that’s exactly what these scumbags are banking on. You want this, we are giving it to you! Far from it friends as they show in the very first slide that “I’m working from home” hanging from a computer desk. What this really means is you aren’t going to be allowed to leave your house. I know, if you are just reading my articles then you probably haven’t read about the Shielding Approach.1Article – CDC recommending Stanford Prison Experiment with sources
  2. 15 minute spaces; Because they are in essence only letting specific people to go into the offices, your life is now going to consist of staying within a 15 min walk of your location. This very much fits in with the WHO’s suggested plan of forcing everyone into “GREEN ZONES2Original Source found in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine .
  3. The Rise of Cloud Markets: Who doesn’t like the sound of a “cloud market” or the rise of the “Ghost Kitchens”??? Sounds awesome roit’?! Well hold on there buck-o’, just like everything we’ve ever seen from either large corporate scum like the WEF or from our slimy politicians, they love to use words that sound amazing, like The Patriot Act3EFF Article Discussing Domestic Spying Programs , the National Defense Authorization Act 4I’ve linked the original legislation passed in 2006/2007 but it’s important to keep in mind, every two years they pass budgetary improvements and have to vote to reauthorize this and my favorite private corporation; The Federal Reserve. I also expect that the these hot keywords they are using are going to be used quite often in the corporate media outlets. Again, not to digress, but this suggests to me that because they forced every small business and soon to be medium business out of work, people get to ‘re-imagine’ a new life where it’s delivery only, because you aren’t allowed to eat in a store again.
  4. You Could be Identified by YOUR heartbeat: It’s amazing to know that they have a plan in place just in case you try and work around their facial recognition systems; how dare you not take our medical injection that is not even classified as an actual vaccine! In turn, those super smart folks at NASA who are not able to get a human to the moon, developed a technology that can identify a human by their individual heartbeat. That’s right, no hiding from big brother now you sly foxes, because NASA even patented5NASA Patent stated on their website; “One or more biometric indicia, such as fingerprints, voice-prints, retinal scans, and facial features are often proposed to be used to identify, or to authenticate the asserted identity of a user who seeks access to a given resource. This invention provides a method and associated system for authenticating or declining to authenticate an identity asserted by a candidate person. The heartbeat system is a new biometric technique to verify someone’s identity. It can be used in everything from replacing an individuals PC passwords to access a bank account. this tech so they make all that sweet, sweet money! Did I forget to mention that this too was funded exclusively with American Tax Payer money. Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.
  5. Digital Technology Will Change the way Children Learn: How can we have a heartwarming video, with inspirational music and forget about the children! You have to love this, because what they are telling you is that you aren’t going to send your kids to public schools anymore, they learn from the new home schooling curriculum they are conditioning the young generation to get accustomed to. It’s going to be a State-Run school where they will come in and check to make sure that you are giving the States Property (your children) the education approved by the State.

Notable Takeaway!

  • Virtually everyone is in a mask, this should tell you that this is never going to end until you stand up to this tyranny.
  • NASA is funded by the tax payers of the United States, so how is it that they can patent a tech like this and reap billions if not perhaps trillions with this technology?