The Complicity of Silence

I remember the days before cv-19(84) took over the minds of the people. No matter who I would speak too, old to young, tall to small, black or white, green or blue. NOT A SINGLE PERSON TRUSTED THE GOVERNMENT OR THE MEDIA OR SOME MASSIVE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY.

What was it that happened that enabled normal, everyday critically thinking individuals to simply follow the orders barked by the very ones no one trusted before?

The past 2 years have been eye-opening to say the least for the American public, in fact, there truly was a great awakening. Society has finally had the veil of lies lifted from its eyes. Science has shown itself to be nothing different than all the corporate conglomerates like apple, facebook and the lot; our politicians revealed to be nothing more than actors with a sole mission to keep the very people they are supposed to represent fighting amongst ourselves.

You are probably telling yourself right now that I’m not telling you something you didn’t already know. In fact, everyone I speak with all say this to me and it’s not an exaggeration. Literally every single person says this to me from talking about corona virus to Donald Trump.

And yet here we are.

Are we still playing pandemic?

Or are we actually in a war for on own god given human rights? I’ll give you an example, when I speak to people about the new “Infrastructure Bill” people have no clue what I’m talking about. Have you actually read the legislation? Or have you simply relied on the corporate media or the corporate social media companies to tell you what is real? Maybe you are still afraid that the virus you have a 99.998%+ chance of survival is going to get you and your loved ones.

I read the bill and if you did, you would realize that nothing in there will actually benefit the everyday citizen. In fact, while it sounds nice and pretty, like the Patriot Act, the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America Act or the INVEST in America Act 1[Congressional Record Volume 167, Number 97 (Friday, June 4, 2021)] [House] From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Publishing Office [] By Mr. DeFAZIO: H.R. 3684. Congress has the power to enact this legislation pursuant to the following: Article I, Section 8, Clause 1, Clause 3, and Clause 18 of the Constitution. [Page H2692], it is far from it.

So now when I speak to people I try to find things in the bill that would hopefully relate to them. I think we can all agree forcing every American to take a breathalyzer to start there car is insane or you will now be forced to pay a tax per mile you drive. Still, when I say this, people say I must be some cooky conspiracy theorist and that this kind of crazy stuff wouldn’t become law. And yet here we are.

Rather than take the time and read for yourself what your political hero’s on both sides of the aisle are doing, you’d rather hold onto that fear that corona virus is or ever has been an out of control pandemic, it simply has not, and that is exactly what the data shows.

Aren’t you tired of this? I am, in fact I am beyond exhausted. Yet rather than succumb to the mental exhaustion or the fear of this pushed narrative, I continue to strive to shed light on the truth. You should be too, after all, it’s not only my freedoms they are trying to take away, they are yours too.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in God all you have too do is look deep inside your soul, and you know, this is all wrong. Everything from the garbage they spew on the TV, to the rhetoric pushed by the marketing companies and corporations, non of this is right.

Dividing the people is the only way they can take control of this world.

In place of banding with our fellow neighbors, our countryman, the financial elite have successfully pit the lower and middle classes against one another. The people of this world have allowed themselves to be consumed by these manipulations and lies, designed specifically to do just this.

Did we not learn our lesson in after we found out the “War on Terror” was nothing more than a lie 2and here is how the lie started? Did we not learn our lesson when in 2008 we had to bail out all the mainstream banks not to $700 Million, but closer to $17 TRILLION, all because they committed fraud on the American people leading to the collapse of the economy? Maybe we’d learn our lesson when we found out that the NSA was spying on every single American and person on the planet and using our tax money to do so. No we didn’t, did we, we just kept letting it all happen.

And yet here we are, brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, all demanding to punish the other. Yet in this massive trillion dollar spending program ALL politicians are passing, where is the relief for the people? Does this not show you that this is not about you, or anyone for that matter except the few who profit?

Did you say anything when Pfizer announced over $3 billion dollars in profit during the last quarter or that even CNN reports they should make over $32 Billion over this pandemic. Some crisis huh, only the big corporations get to profit while the peasants suffer? When I go to the store, I still see some people wearing masks and walk around in fear of others. It breaks my heart, I’m not sure the people who still believe this madness can be saved, not just mentally, but spiritually.

Society through technology has broken mankind’s connection, not just with one another but with everything on this planet. That is why people are watching the world just crumble before our eyes, because people know that deep down, the life that we all have been living has been nothing more than lie. Why would we fight to continue a society which has never worked to your benefit? Or more importantly, let the very people who have ruined our current society be in charge of designing the new one.

As I type this article, we are all sitting at a cross-road. The world will never be the same as we once knew it, nor should it because we should never let psychopaths be in charge of our societies laws and education. We can either move forward collectively or we can simply sit back and watch humanity become enslaved by this corporate technocracy.

It’s time you breakout from the spell you have been under, you need to wake up because being silent any longer makes you complicit in this crime. No one else is going to change this, but you…and me, together – Let’s all finally make the right choice together.


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    [Congressional Record Volume 167, Number 97 (Friday, June 4, 2021)] [House] From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Publishing Office [] By Mr. DeFAZIO: H.R. 3684. Congress has the power to enact this legislation pursuant to the following: Article I, Section 8, Clause 1, Clause 3, and Clause 18 of the Constitution. [Page H2692]
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