Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe

Release Date
July 1, 1798
John Robison
July, 1798 (3rd edition) & 1920

I have to say this is one of the most interest books I have ever read. I don’t remember how exactly I stumbled upon this book, but I remember when I did I initially brushed it off as if it was going to be some conspiracy mumbo jumbo. Before I downloaded the book (1920 edition) I started to read it online and when I got to page 11, it was evident that the text had been altered.

I mean come on, a book on a conspiracy against all and everything on this planet and they edit the text where John Robison is describing the “free-masons” ultimate goal. I knew I had to find an earlier edition with the original text.

It was just the ever so slightest change of the words, however these small edits and the removal of the entire last paragraph give quite a different meaning. At this moment, I knew I had been consumed and later that evening after I finished the book I began the hunt for an original copy. The earliest edition of the book I could find was printed in July, 1798 and the subtle changes to the text are clear once you read the 1798 edition. It is actually quite prevalent throughout the entire book when you read both editions.

From what I could find, the book was proof-read and edited by Distributed Proofreaders1I do find it suspect this company is in charge of all the editing for project gutenberg. We need an investigation into this organization who appear to be the main proof-readers / archivers for Project Gutenberg. I do want to point out that it appears whomever did the digital imaging of the edition is to blame. I’ll do some digging however when reading the version from 1798 and the 1920 edition, the editing of the words and removal of other aspects changes the everything and fuels that the author may have actually been telling the truth.

It’s not just the part I highlighted, the entire edition is different and softer in my opinion. I’ve included images of the two pages and the text that is in question below the pdf archive. Judge for yourself and let this be a lessen to all how they are quietly editing the true history of the world.

Side Note!

When you read the version from 1798 you will need to adjust your brain as the way they spelled the letter ‘S’ looks strikingly similar to the letter ‘F’ however it’s not, it is the letter s. After a few pages your brain will make the proper adjustment. There are 3 pdfs for you to review. It may take some time if you want to read the book online as it is a large file, I suggest you download it and read it offline.


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    I do find it suspect this company is in charge of all the editing for project gutenberg. We need an investigation into this organization