The Numbers Just Don’t Add Up

In the beginning of this so called pandemic, people were encouraged and collectively worked as a human population to curb this virus and that they did.

Yet, months and months went by and people have blindly listened to their government officials and media broadcasters as if the words from their mouths is the gospel.

Unfortunately for mankind, people themselves have chosen to listen to these criminals rather than look at the actual data they are presenting. Let alone they have time and time again admitted that they have;

  • Counted non-corona virus related deaths as CV 19(84) deaths.
  • Changed what over a century of scientific studies have proven time and time again to fit the narrative that CV-19(84) is some treacherous and deadly pathogen.
  • Lied about the side effects of the experimental gene therapy (popularly called a vaccine when it clearly isn’t)
  • Changed the actual definition of what “herd immunity” means and the definition of Vaccine.
  • Changed the vaccine reporting infrastructure to remove “vaccine” related deaths and injuries, and the list just goes on and on.

TWO very Honorable Mentions of a long list of crimes

This isn’t the first time a corporate media organization has suggested that you shouldn’t do your own research, or your own critical thinking as Charlie Warzel, a writer for the new york times reports. Ironically, Charlie and Ethan’s suggestions seem to be having the opposite effect, not just on myself, but humanity at large. When I started to look independently at the VAERS reporting system, what I found just doesn’t jive with the mainstream and government narratives. In short, when you critically think for yourself and do your own research, you come to the scientific conclusion that Charlie and Ethan are both full of shit. (For an easier way to search through the VAERS data, try

Now before I go any further, if you are not familiar yet with the VAERS reporting system by now than I highly suggest you become. Unlike Charlie and Ethan, I’m telling you that you need to research this yourself and not take what the news articles on the first page of google or duck duck go give you. GO TO THE SOURCE and keep going to the source and not some meglo-corporate media groups parrot, like Charlie and Ethan. These are not opinions of individuals, because these “opinion” writers distort the facts and twist the truth to support what is best for the corporation, not for humanity or the truth.

I should also be said that when you start to research this topic for yourself, you will see that the CDC has updated the reporting page to now state that these are all “UNVERIFIED” events, however misreporting an injury into this system is a felony crime punishable with a hefty fine and/or imprisonment. Furthermore it is federally required for physicians and pharmaceutical manufacturers to report any adverse event immediately to this system. Again, doing your own research you will find the CDC states; Under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), healthcare providers are required by law to report to VAERS. The two images below will show the corresponding section on VAERS and CDC’s own website.

I recommend you go through the online submission portal yourself to see all the information required to enter a VAERS injury report.

Now I should also say, that reading the injuries and deaths the majority of these are not written by some regular Joe off the street, they are input by medical practitioners. Here is an exampleexample 2example 3example 4. WARNING: some of the reports are written by family members and spouses and can be quite emotional. I did not include them in this write-up for two reasons, first, reading them breaks my heart. Finally, I may be an asshole, but I’m no a monster.

To further corroborate that you SHOULD absolutely critical think and research for yourself is because the NIH, Anthony Fauci’s organization reports, errors in reporting actually increase the number of injuries and deaths. Quoted from the results section of the NIH Vaccination Errors Reporting page;

We identified 20,585 vaccination error reports documenting 21,843 errors. Annual reports increased from 10 in 2000 to 4324 in 2013.

Read the study by clicking here

To be clear, in 2013 alone, annual reports (meaning injuries and deaths) increased from 10 to 2000 which nearly doubled the total of vaccines injuries reported. Imagine that, under-reporting the deaths and injuries caused by political and medical malpractice??

This is the most important part of all this, these are only the reported injuries and deaths. Again, VAERS is reporting only 1% of actual injuries and deaths are logged – do you understand this? This means if 100 deaths are reported they can estimate it’s really more like 10,000.

The real pandemic here is that common sense and rationality have seemingly disappeared – not this made up bullshit they call covid 19(84). If you haven’t seen by now, the writing is already on the wall, CV 19 will be delta, omega, blomega, ISIS, Taliban, etc. This will never end until we stop letting them get away with this non-sense. I’ll end this by reminding you that people under the age of 70 have a 99.98+% chance of living and the younger you are, the better the percentages get. But, don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself, it will honestly take 10 minutes to figure out how to search the CDC website and run your own report.

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