Fuck devil worshipers

If I were the devil – Lawless.FM exclusive

An original recreation of Paul Harvey's masterpiece

WARNING: Every-time you listen to this, chills will run down your spine as you look around our world

Paul Harvey’s, “If I were the devil” is one of the single most powerful readings I’ve ever heard, that is until David B. Kelley narrated this exclusive version for Lawless.FM.

David’s soothing and baritone performance make this rendition of Paul Harvey’s original something out of this world and I’m ever grateful that he did this for Lawless.FM – This recording is done under FAIR USE; please share this as I’m not sure how much more impactful and spot on to what is happening in our society right now.

If you like what David created for Lawless.FM, he is available! I’ve included his contact information below, so reach out to him if you need a bad-ass baritone voice-over specialist.

Get in touch with David: