Evil has no limits, where is your line in sand?

The past week I’ve noticed the propaganda machine has turned its sites towards vaccinating children with an experimental cocktail commonly known as the covid vaccine. While children have a near zero % chance of dying from this invisible terrorist and no studies have been conducted on the side effects this will have against our societies children, the powers that be continually push forward.

This insanity is crossing so many boundaries and your consent is being manufactured. In the video below you will see children as young as 5 being injected with an experimental drug that has caused mass amounts of damage to adults, ranging from variety of wonderful side effects like (mild ((mild cases are a lie, there is no such thing as MILD HEART INFLAMMATION)) myocarditis, prion’s disease, auto-immune deficiency, strokes and the list goes on.

Simply listen to the children talking after they receive this shot, do any of these children sound like what they are saying is coming from them, did the media just happen to find the most articulate 5 year old’s that live on this planet, or is a script that came from the corporate media and pharma companies to convince you that it’s safe to inject your children with an experimental cocktail, which still has yet to release their actual ingredient list.

Parents who allow their children to be injected with this are complicit in committing crimes against humanity, your fear is about to destroy the very world we live in today and the future of our society tomorrow. Does it not concern anyone that pfizer has added Tromethamine, an ingredient used to stabilize heart attack victims into the children’s shots or perhaps it concerns you that they are marketing that children can have strokes and heart attacks as if this is something that has been common throughout all the years that came before covid-1984?

The parents that allowed their children to be apart of this propaganda video should be ashamed.