Dan (Howard) Smoot on the Constitution

Howard Smoot, more popularly known as Dan Smoot was an FBI agent and a conservative political activist. From 1957 to 1971, he published The Dan Smoot Report, which chronicled communist infiltration into the various sectors of the American government and society. I think as we can see today, he wasn’t wrong, nor is he wrong about his reading on the US Constitution. I highly suggest everyone become familiar with this video.

“The ideal of a constitutional republic is individual liberty. In this century, great strides have been made toward the goal of subverting our republic, and transforming it into a democracy. The foremost tactic of the subverters is subversion of “language” — by calling America a democracy, until people thoughtlessly accept the term, and use the term. Totalitarians have obscured the real meanings and principles of American government.”

– Dan Smoot