Covid 19 Forced Vaccination – Employer Consent Form

The hot debate has been around forced vaccination and mandating it for people to return to daily life. An important item I should kindly remind everyone of, these manufacturers and government officials hold no accountability if you are injured. In fact, that accountability and liabilities will fall on the business or organization mandating such requirements.

Below you will find a form I found on the Solari Report, a website created by Catherine Austin Fitts. Because of the wave of censorship sweeping our nation, I’ve also archived the page here – Lawless Archives.

Since private enterprises feel that they can force you to make a potentially life altering decision, just so you can work for them, then they need to be held accountable, especially for an unapproved, un-tested drug. I guarantee you that no Lawyer for any corporation will sign this document, especially if all their employees demand the same in return.

There is only one way to stop this madness and that is by standing up together – share this form with others, isolating people in their homes was a way of disconnecting us from reality and from one another. Don’t let that happen, you are not standing alone.

When the world realizes this, we can finally begin to heal these wounds